Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pemberton Christmas 2014

We celebrated the Pemberton family Christmas today. It was a bit early this year but today was the only day where we could all be there. We are with my family this year and Travis and Katie are going to be in California with Travis's family during the holidays. Next year we will all be back together at Mike and Julie's. As always, it was a lot of fun to get together, eat good food, laugh and open a few gifts. The cousins had a lot of fun playing together and with their new toys.
 We started off with a yummy brunch.

Colbi and Samuel enjoying their food.
 The Pemberton cousins.
Camryn (7), Colt (7), Jax (5), Calvin (4), Case (3), Evalynn (2), Samuel (23 months), Colbi (15 months) and Eleanor (4 months).
 All the cousins drew names and opened one gift from the person who drew their names. Case got a fishing pole (from Evie), Colt got legos (from Calvin) and Jax got a Ben 10 watch (from Case). Then they opened up gifts from Memah and Popee, As always, all the kids were spoiled and got lots of fun toys and games to play.

Memah and Popee put on a fun game of Christmas Bingo for the kids complete with prizes.
 Then had a cookie decorating activity for the kids to do.
 A Christmas celebration would not be complete without the traditional acting out of the Christmas story complete with costumes and lots of laughing!  This is by far my favorite part of Christmas Eve with Dave's family (as well as going to Christmas Eve church service), I am glad we still got to do it this year.
 Colt was a king (this was after he scoffed at being an angel and asked me to switch him costumes). He is so his father's son!
 A few of the animals.
Case, Randee and Aaron (her fiancee!!!)
 Jax was the inn keeper, he has been talking about being the inn keeper for the last 3 months (Colt was the inn keeper last year), he was thrilled once he finally got to do it.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Fun

 We enjoyed our first weekend in December and had a full weekend that was filled with lots of fun.
 Colt had a basketball game Saturday morning and all the grandparents came to watch him play.

 Popee spent most of his time telling Jax and Case stories. I think they were very glad he was there!

 After the game Colt had a birthday party so the kids and I went to my parents for lunch and cookie baking.

 We spent the day baking cookies and decorating gingerbread men.
 On Sunday we headed to Klicker's to get our Christmas tree. As you can see Dave is thrilled about being there. It did not take too long but Colt was very opinionated this year about what kind of tree we should be getting.

 Then we went back to my parents for lunch (I pretty much did not cook all weekend!) and my mom had a snowman activity for us to do. Her and my dad made popcorn balls and we used frosting and candy to put them together and decorate them.

We came home and decorated the tree and watched a Christmas movie. It was a fun day and a great way to end our weekend.
The Christmas tree is lit and decorated. The kids are ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colbi Lyn: 15 months

Colbi keeps us busy, she is climbing on everything and tearing apart every drawer and cabinet she can find when we are not looking. Her favorite is the dog water dish which results in an outfit change every single time. She has just started taking small steps so I have a feeling by Christmas she will really be walking. She is a talking machine and easily knows 20+ words. She loves to give open mouth kisses to her brothers whenever they are around and they are always happy to let her. She has the best big brothers, I hope she always feels that way! She is an eater and does not turn down much of anything, right now its easy to get her to eat lots of fruits and vegetables  (I know this will change but for now I am giving her as many as she will eat) and she loves milk, cheese, yogurt and pb&j sandwiches. She is sleeping well at night, most nights 7-7:30 or 8 as well as a 2 hour nap most days. She is really starting to feel less like a baby and more like another member of our family. Moving past the baby stage is not easy for me, I am so very much aware of the many lasts that I will never get to experience again but I am trying to focus on the joy of raising my kids and looking forward to watching them all grow and being a part of their lives.

15 month stats
Weight: 21lb 10oz (40%)
Height: 32 inches (90%)
Head Circumference: (50%)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall happenings and a little bit of snow.

 Colt's soccer season finished up in the middle of October. He was on the same team that he has been on for the last 3 years, its such a great group of boys and he had so much fun.
 When I need a break the only one she ever really wants is her Papa. LOVE!
 My babysitter sent me this pic one morning when she had all the kids outside playing. She was so happy just to sit and watch them play.
 Friday night high school football with Papa!
 Jax had his fall preschool program and my dad came along to watch and help me out with Colbi and Case.
 Jax did so well and listens very well to instructions and doing what is right. He was very happy we were there and kept smiling and waving at us.
 We went out and celebrated a good report card for Colt at The Bread Co. He is doing really well in school so far and works hard at it.
 Love this kid!
 Papa often stops by after his morning hunts to see the kids and show them his pheasants.
 We enjoyed a few last warm days at the park.

 Soccer finished and Colt jumped right into basketball. I must say I enjoy watching this sport so much more! He has done well for it only being his first year playing and he seems to really like it.

 We have had some cold temps come through but that does not stop us from getting outside and burning some energy.

 We also had our first snow, it was not much but enough to get out and play in it for an afternoon. I am really hoping we get some more snow this year, the boys love it and its so fun to see their excitement and play in it with them.

Next up Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to the holidays and lots of time spent together and with family.