Friday, October 10, 2014

Klicker's Pumpkin Patch

I took the kids to Klicker's this morning, I did not have to teach today since it was conference week so we spent the morning getting flu vaccines and going to a follow-up for Jax's broken arm. I promised the kids some fun if they were good at the doctor offices and they were awesome. So we headed to Klickers to pick out pumpkins, play on the hay bales, and eat ice cream cones. It was a perfect fall day and we had fun. I love these moments with my kids, nothing else I would rather be doing. Some of the best times with them are things we do just me and them. They are such good kids and make me so happy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deer Hunting and Girl Stuff

Deer season is in full swing and Dave has been taking the boys hunting when he can. They all 3 love to go with him and talk about it non-stop.
Case talked about it more than any of the other boys. He has been waiting since last year to go (the rule is you have to be potty trained and he has been potty trained since December) he was all ready in camo gear and Dave stopped and picked him up a gatorade for the tree stand.

Dave said they climbed up in the tree stand, Case looked around drank his gatorade and after 6mins and 43 seconds Case said "I'm ready to go home now dad". HAHA! But man has he talked about hunting with dad every minute since then.

Jax's turn! On this night Dave's buddy Tim ended up killing a deer. Jax thought that was pretty cool!

Colbi got this bee rocker for her birthday from Memah and Popee, she was not too crazy about it at first but now she loves it. It has buttons that she can press to play music and she rocks back and forth as fast as she can smiling and laughing.
She also loves her baby dolls!
I love pig tails but she takes almost everything out of her hair right now so they do not last long.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jax: First day of Preschool

Jax started preschool today! He is going to Betty's just like Colt did. He has been looking forward to this day since he turned 5. We took him to the store the night before to buy a school shirt and of course he picked ninja turtles. Jax is a quiet, sensitive, caring little boy who loves to laugh, play and have fun.

Once again Dave was in charge of picture taking.
"Don't go Jax!" Case has been asking when he gets to go to school.

He had a great first day at Betty's and is already excited to go back.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Colt: First day of 1st grade

 Colt started 1st grade and since I also had my first day of teaching at the same time I did not get to take him to school. Dave took him and I asked him if he would be sure to take pictures for me. This was the first text that I got. I had to laugh, this is classic Dave!

"Don't leave us Colt!"
My handsome 1st grader!

He is in Mrs. Schneidmiller's class this year at Davis Elementary and so far he is really enjoying it. His best friend from last year Parker is also in his class and I know he enjoys that. He is such a good kid, listens well and is nice to others.
1st grade school picture.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Colbi Lyn turns 1!!

 Today our baby girl turns 1. She has been an incredible addition to our family and makes us all feel very complete. She is sweet and loving and sensitive. She loves her mom and dad ALOT and does not want much to do with anyone else that may try and hold her. She loves to wave hello and goodbye and is quite the little talker. Her words include dada, dog, mama, cheese, banana, hi, bye, Jax, Case, Colt, more, all done, didi, papa, baby, ball and no. She seems to pick up new words and signs everyday. She is finally crawling everywhere, pulling up on things, going up stairs and getting into everything she is not supposed to. She has a scream that is so high pitch it hurts my ears every single time (we are working on getting that under control) and she may be slightly spoiled (which I am also working on). She eats everything and is not picky at all (I am sure this will change as she gets older) but it sure makes it easy to feed her. I am still nursing her but am slowly weaning her to a sippy cup full time, right now she just nurses morning and night and does great drinking out of a cup. She seems to love baby dolls (which I think is so cute!) and her brothers legos (which is so fitting since she is surrounded by boys all day long). She wears size 12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, sleeps 12-14 hours a night and takes one 2 hour nap every day. 
 We had already celebrated her birthday with Dave's family on family vacation and then my sister Amy had a little party for her when we were in Boise last weekend. So we kept her actual birthday very simple. My parents came over in the morning and brought Colbi her present. My mom had taken my cabbage patch baby doll from when I was little and Dave's cabbage patch from when he was little and had cleaned them up, sewed them new outfits (with the help of my Grandma Milly) and had a baby blanket made (by my cousin Jaime) and then put them in my old doll bed and gave it to Colbi for her birthday.

 She kept saying "bebe" over and over again, then giving them kisses then throwing them on the ground (which the boys thought was hilarious!).

 After my parents left I took the kids down to the cupcake shop Frosted and had them pick out a birthday cupcake for Colbi, they picked the banana split flavor and when Dave came home for lunch we put a candle in it, sang her Happy Birthday (which she loved and just smiled at us the entire time we sang) and then we let her go to town on the cupcake. Even though we had celebrated a couple times before this was the first time I let her actually eat the cake. Dave started by feeding her and then once she got the idea she loved it and could not get enough. It was so fun watching her eat it and the boys were loving it as well. Dave made the comment "this is how all 1 year old birthday parties should be". We didn't have a big celebration but that did not make the day any less special, it was fun to just be together as our family of 6 and celebrate this sweet little girl who has been a huge bright spot in our lives this last year.

 Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

12 month stats
Weight: 19lbs 12oz (40%)
Height: 30 in (80%)
H.C.: 50%